9th International Symposium on Ultrasonic Doppler Methods for Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Engineering

From the 27th to the 29th of August 2014, Ubertone has organised, in collaboration with the ICube laboratory, the 9th edition of the International Symposium on Ultrasonic Doppler Methods for Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Engineering.

The main objective of this biennial event is to allow researchers and engineers to present and exchange about the techniques and applications of the velocity profile measurement based on pulsed ultrasonic Doppler (more info on isud-conference.org).

We would like to thank the school of environmental hydraulics ENGEES that hosted the symposium, this year, in Strasbourg. This reinforces the increasing place of the ultrasonic profile measurement in hydraulics , especially for environmental applications. Thus, it was straight forward to open the symposium by an environmental flow session introduced by the keynote lecture of Dr. David Hurther. In his paper entitled Underwater acoustic scattering and its application to sediment transport physics in coastal and river flows he present his outstanding work on multistatic Doppler profilers for high-resolution flow and sediment transport measurement.

Of course, activities in fundamental flows, historically the first field of application for Ultrasonic Velocity Profiler in Fluid Mechanics, were not in rest. The session were introduced by Dr. Yuji Tasaka from Hokkaido University with a keynote on Extraction of fluid flow information from spatio-temporal UVP data obtained in rotating configurations

Another well represented field was signal processing applied to ultrasonic Doppler measurements. One of the papers presented during this session has been awarded by the scientific committee.

Last but not least, the "applied flow" session was introduced by Prof. Erich Windhab who is a pioneer in the UVP-PD method. More generally, he has largely contributed to the characterization of non-Newtonian fluids and suspensions in food processing industry by the use of velocity profile measurement. His keynote lecture presents the Potential of Ultrasound-Doppler in process flow measurements along the food value chain.

Ubertone is proud of having got the opportunity to organize this symposium, especially because we are actively working in many of the topics presented within ISUD. Ubertone continuously improves the UVP technology and methods in order to help scientists and engineers working with flowing liquids.

Overall, 54 delegates coming from 15 different countries around the world followed 43 oral presentations. Most of those presentations were of a high standard and allowed the share of knowledge and best practice between the auditors who actively interacted with many constructive questions. Thus, we would like to thank all the participants for having joined the 9th ISUD.

All the papers from the conference are available for free download here.

Group Photo

To remember their stay in Strasbourg for the 9th ISUD, the delegates were invited for a photo of the group that was taken in front of the « Palais Universitaire de Strasbourg ».

Classified as a historic monument, the building was used during several decades as the centre of the new imperial University of Strasbourg. It is a large, neo-Renaissance style building, inaugurated in 1884 by Wilhelm I, Emperor of Germany.

Laboratory Tour

The last event of the symposium was the visit of the fluid mechanics laboratory of ICube.

IMFS (Institut de Mécanique des Fluides et des Solides) is a department of the Icube Laboratory. Created in 2013, ICube brings together researchers of the University of Strasbourg, the CNRS, the ENGEES and the INSA of Strasbourg in the fields of engineering, computer and medical science with imaging as unifying theme. The Fluid Mechanics research team is divided in three project groups : « Urban Hydraulics », «Two Phase Instability and Turbulence » and « Sewage Treatment and Rheology ».

The participants could discover different experimental setups with detailed explanation from the researchers of the laboratory.

Student Paper Award

The ISUD is also an opportunity to promote the work of young researchers.

During the symposium, the Scientific Committee has evaluated the papers and the oral presentations of the registered students.

The ISUD-9 Student Paper Award winner is Cesar Ofuchi, from the Federal University of Technology Paraná (UTFPR, Brazil), for his remarkable paper "Extended Autocorrelation Velocity Estimator Applied to Fluid Engineering"

This work present an extended autocorrelation method (EAM) which combines both autocorrelation and cross-correlation estimators applied to fluid engineering. This method allow to estimate velocities beyond the Nyquist limit with an efficient computational cost.

from the left to the right: Dr. Stéphane Fischer (chairman of the symposium), Prof. Yasushi Takeda (founder of the symposium), Mr. Cesar Ofuchi (winner of the award) and Prof. Erich Windhab (chairman of the scientific committee).

Closing Session - Next ISUD

Finally, during the closing session, Prof. Windhab has announced that the next ISUD conference will take place in Tokyo in 2016 and will be organized by TITech, the Tokyo Institute of Technology.

For more information about ISUD, visit ISUD-conference website.

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