How to purchase ?

Ubertone provides measurement instruments and accessories as described in the Product section. We also offer renting service of those products.

Full measurement campaigns and data analysis can also be offered.

For very specific applications and needs, we can also provide custom instruments and custom post-processing scripts.

To purchase any instrument or any service, here are the first steps :

  • check the Products menu to have an idea of our technology offer,
  • check the Applications section for each product or go to the Application examples page to see typical uses of our devices,
  • go to the Contact page,
  • fill in the requested fields and explain your needs in "Nature of your request", for example : ask for a quotation, for complementary information and any potential interrogation on Ubertone’s offers.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!


  • we will exchange about your application and how our technology can best meet your needs,
  • once a quotation fits, you should send a written order (it can be either the signed quotation or your own order form),
  • we will send you a confirmation of order with usually a down payment invoice and start production when the payment is received,
  • we will keep you informed about the exact delivery date,
  • after delivery, we usually provide a training (indicated in the quotation), and send the balance invoice,
  • we will then be available for you and your colleagues for user questions and will be very eager to have your feedback.