In order to help you get through the installation, understanding of the technology and use of our devices, we are currently compiling lists of videos. Those videos can also give a hint on future users about practical information and application examples.

Tutorial for the very easy to use UB-Lab P

In this video, you can learn how to do a very quick measurement with the very easy to use UB-Lab P, the world's first handheld UVP (Ultrasonic Velocity Profiling).

UB-Lab X2/X8/2C installation

You will find here how to install the UB-Lab X2/X8/2C from UBERTONE. The UB-Lab X2/X8/2C communication and powering go through a POE cable and supply.

Transducers installation examples

You will find here examples of how to install transducers for measurements with the UB-Lab UVPs or the UB-Lab 3C from UBERTONE.

How to coil my transducer cables?

It is necessary to take good care of your cables. The transducer cables are especially important to take care of, as they are linked to the transducer head and need to maintain their waterproofness, shielding and link to the piezo (of course). Learn more here.

What is a profile in Ultrasonic Velocity Profiling ?

Thanks to this video, you will understand the measurement area in Ultrasonic Velocity Profiling (UVP): from the general shape of the acoustic beam to the profile parameters configuration.

What does the acoustic beam look like? How does it impact the measuring cell's geometry ?

Thanks to this video, you will understand how to define a model of your transducer's beam and estimate your profiles cell sizes.

How to measure a velocity profile with a UVP ? - Definition of the measurement parameters

Thanks to this video, you will understand the parameters for velocity measurements with Ultrasonic Velocity Profiling (UVP).

Overall presentation - UB-Lab User Interface

You will find here how to start the graphical user interface of the UB-Lab (S2, X2, X8 and 2C from UBERTONE. It is an embedded web interface. And you will get an overview of this interface.

Note: it is almost the same interface for the UB-Flow.

UB-Lab 2C - userfriendly GUI

This video explains geometrical GUI setup for measurements with the UB-Lab 2C from UBERTONE.

Call for Projects - UVP Springboard: Outcomes of the boundary layer study at LadHyx, France

Visit at LadHyx with Antoine Dode and discussion about his experience following his participation in the Call for Projects - UVP Springboard. His project, selected by our team, was about the "Boundary layer turbulent transition in unsteady flow with application to rowing", using the UB-Lab P.

UB-Lab 2C - Sheet-flow

This video shows an example of setup for measurements in a sheet-flow condition in an open-channel flume with the UB-Lab 2C from UBERTONE.