Our core activities

UBERTONE is a medium-sized company located in the beautiful landscape of the Rhine Valley, between the Vosges, the Swiss Jura and the Black Forest. Through innovation and determination, the company has grown since 2010 to become one of France’s leading manufacturers of ultrasonic measurement instruments for liquids.

The company is specialized in the development and manufacturing of high resolution velocity and acoustic turbidity profilers for scientific applications and OEM acoustic measurement instruments for industries.

By assessing sewerage management, environmental monitoring and industrial processing needs and constraints, UBERTONE provides solutions for measurements in open channel flows (sewage networks, wastewater treatment plants, physical models, small rivers...) or closed-conduit flows (pipes, experimental setup…).

We also offer services such as :

  • measurements campains,
  • in-situ calibration of flowmetering equipments,
  • velocity and turbidity data analysis.

With more than 15 years of experience in ultrasound measurements, our team, highly qualified in physics and electronics, works constantly to improve our products while providing a high-quality client support.

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They trust us

UBERTONE sells devices worldwide. Amongst our customers:

The Ubertone team

M. Burckbuchler (CEO), A. Schaeffer, A. Kuhn, J. Kuhn, S. Fischer (founder)

Our distributors

  • Flowbiz : Japanese service provider specialized in ultrasonic measurements
  • FlowTech Research : Japanese distributor, specialised in flow visualization
  • Beiting Measurement Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. : Chinese distributor, specialised in flow visualization
  • Fluxoptica srl : Italian and Maltese distributor, specialised in Fluid Dynamics and Mechanics of Solids
  • Metroptics srl : Romanian distributor, specialised in Fluid Dynamics and Mechanics of Solids
  • Ijinus : French distributor, specialised in the development of measuring and autonomous logging systems for water monitoring
  • C&H : Korean distributor, specialized in hydrology and surface water instrumentation and monitoring.
  • Samwoo Science : Korean distributor, specialised in visualisation and measurement instrumentation for liquids.

Our partners

  • Région Grand Est : Alsace Champagne-Ardenne Lorraine
  • Grand E-nov : Association dedicated to the support and the funding of innovative projects deployed in companies from the Grand Est region of France
  • Semia : Innovative start-up incubator in Alsace
  • BPI : French bank financing innovative SMEs (small and medium enterprises)
  • Hydreos : Competitive cluster of actors in the water market in Alsace and Lorraine
  • Marque Alsace : label of a territory without borders, capable of reconciling sustainable development and quality of life thanks to its capacity for innovation
  • France relance