UB-Flow : The high resolution profiler for open channels

The UB-Flow profiler is designed for optimal 2D velocity vector profile measurements in industrial and natural flows.


  • High spatial and temporal resolution
  • Secondary Flow compensation
  • Fine frequency tuning
  • Web interface

UB-Flow is a fully self-contained hydrodynamic probe equipped with two wideband transducers. Precise and accurate velocity profiles are measured along the acoustic beams with an unparalleled spatial resolution (down to 4 mm). UB-Flow uses Ubertone's Proprietary Technology, based on coded pulsed coherent Doppler, to deliver high quality measurements. With its architecture and capabilities, the UB-Flow stands in between ADCP (Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers), as it can measure 2C velocity profiles, and UVP (Ultrasonic Velocity Profilers) instruments families.

Furthermore, it breaks new ground by giving access to acoustic turbidity through the backscattered ultrasonic energy (or echo) by the suspended particles. This is used to monitor the suspended sediment load within a few meters depth.

An option dedicated to scientific research allows fast measurements up to 100 profiles per second. Following the user's setup, the device switches alternatively from one transducer to the other. At each switch, the instrument provides a set of space-time matrix including velocity, SNR and echo data measured on the given transducer. Thus, the UB-Flow provides new opportunities of achieving excellence in this field.

As the UB-Lab, the UB-Flow uses Ethernet communication to deliver an embedded Web interface.

Ethernet communication goes through RJ45 cable. The device can behave like a DHCP server when connected directly to the computer, or it can be connected to the network and behave like a DHCP client. You can then, depending on your network configuration, connect to the device through WiFi.

This ergonomic interface allows the user to set up, observe instantaneous data and record in the internal logger. A record can be started and the device can continue recording without the necessity of a user to stay connected to it. The device can work independently.

Measurement Performances
Sampling range 0.03 to 2 m
Number of cells 1 to 200
Cell size 3 mm to 10 cm
Velocity Range [0 to 0.5] m/s over 2m up to [-0.5 to 3] m/s over 30 cm
Velocity accuracy 0.2 to 1%
Velocity resolution 0.1 ppm (floating point representation with 7 significant digits)
Sampling rates up to 1 Hz (100 Hz optional)
Signal Processing Coherent Doppler with phase coding
Integrated temperature measurement
Number of transducers 2 wide-band high sensitive
Central frequency 1.5 MHz and 3 MHz
Frequency range 1.1 to 3.8 MHz (allowing particle size spectroscopy)
Beam width 4.5° and 3° (at central frequency)
Dimensions 2.8 x 6.2 x 39.8 cm
Weight 0.95 kg
Cable 15 m typical (up to 70 m upon request)
Data Management
Communication Ethernet, HTTP and TCP-IP protocols
Internal data logger 3 Go (more than 20 000 profiles)
File format ASCII CSV (compatible with Excel, Matlab …)
Velocity Velocity profile data (relative to acoustic beam directions) per beam and cell
Echo Backscattered echo RMS amplitude per beam and cell
Turbidity Acoustic turbidity data per beam and cell
Data Quality Profile data quality indicator per beam and cell
Input 110-230V AC or 12V DC
Consumption 1.7 à 4.5 W
Power/Activity/Connexion LED indicator
sewer network

Velocity field observation in sewer network

Robust and autonomous, the UB-Flow profiler allows extensive measurements in sewage. When installed on the floor of the pipe, it measures the flow velocity at different levels without mechanical moving parts and with no risk of catching the transported waste.


Sediment transport studies in river

Easy to install, the UB-Flow profiler is particularly well suited for field measurements. In rivers, it allows the measurement of both the velocity and acoustic turbidity (which is directly linked to the suspended sediment concentration).

Determination of shear stress for in-sewer application

The UB-Flow has been used to obtain results presented in the paper "Direct determination of shear stress using in-sewer ultrasonic velocity profiling sensor" by V. Bareš, M. Jager, F. Blumensaat and S. Fischer. ... read more

Optional features available :

  • High time resolution (HTR) for measurements up to 100 Hz,
  • Raw Doppler signal recording