Embedded User Interface

Ubertone’s profilers come along with:

  • an embedded graphical user interface (GUI),
  • an online assistant for data processing: cloud2.ubertone.eu,
  • libraries available on Github
  • and/or communication protocols for low level programming.

Our profilers UB-Lab family devices, the UB-Lab 3C and UB-Flow come with an embedded fully web based Graphical User Interface (GUI) that allows the user to handle the instrument without any software installation, and without need of an internet connection. This makes it straightforward to set the device up, visualize instantaneous profile and record measurements.

This user interface works with all web browsers (no internet connection needed) and is thus compatible with all operating systems including Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, iOS and Android. On the other side, when connected to a network, the device can be accessed remotely.

The integrated contextual help makes this tool more handy and easy to use. It is available in four languages (English, French, German and Portuguese). An exhaustive setup allows adjusting almost all the parameters (emitting frequency, pulse repetition frequency, cell size, cell positions, cell number, phase coding ...) and the recording can be set at different rates.

In the profilers’ GUI, the backscattered echo amplitude and velocity profiles are plotted in real-time, as well as a Doppler SNR bar showing good velocity data quality in green.

UBERTONE offers a set of online tools that allow the user to visualize and post-process the recorded data: cloud.ubertone.eu.

The measurement data are stored in the cloud which allows immediate view and evaluation of measurement data in ready to use and comprehensive plots. This service proposes basic plots (average, time series) as well as advanced processing on demand (interface detection ...).

Sharing results and data with partners becomes easy.

Also asking for support at Ubertone's team is clear and uncomplicated, we can help you and advise you instantly even if you are at the other side of the world.

I am already a customer : ask for an account.

Users of the previous cloud version are invited to get in touch with us to organise the transition to this new version. The old cloud, currently on https://cloud1.ubertone.eu will remain available until December 2024.

Ubertone’s profilers record the profiles in binary files with ".udt" extension. The binary data can be extracted online with our web assistant (cloud2.ubertone.eu) into csv files with human readable data and values in units of the international system.

Ubertone also provides Python libraries for:

UB-Lab X2, X8 and old 2C and UB-Flow provide direct access to the measurement driver through an open protocol based on TCP-IP.

With some programming skills, this protocol allows the measurement to be automated, more complex measurement scenarios to be built (with real-time settings changes for example) and the profiler to be integrated in a process.

Driving the device within Matlab or LabView is also possible through this protocol.

For faster developments, UBERTONE offers an API (Application Programming Interface) written in Python:

Contact us
for details and protocol documentation.