How to get an ABS out of Ubertone’s UVP

The UB-SediFlow is an ABS (Acoustic Backscattering System). It measures and records backscattered echo amplitude profiles from four embedded transducers: 0.5, 1, 2, 4MHz. All those transducers are wide band, and can thus be used on a broad emission frequency bandwidth for echo measurements: [0.3; 5]MHz, up to 16 sequential configurations.

All of our UVPs record not only the Doppler velocity and velocity estimation quality, but simultaneously the backscattered echo amplitude profiles. They can thus also be used as ABS.

A UB-Lab P has two channels to make a two-transducers ABS. A UB-Lab S4 has four channels to make a four-transducers ABS that will fully mimic a UB-Sediflow./p>

The user may choose the external wide band transducers from our available frequencies, and install them as he wishes or even take it to the field, building a proper transducer holder and taking special care to protect the instrument casing from dropping unprotected into the water, as it is only splashproof.

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