Suspended sediment monitoring instruments - a laboratory comparison campaign

A measurement campaign was carried out for 5 days (24th to 28th of January 2022), in collaboration with IFREMER and Icube.

With the goal of comparing various suspension monitoring methods and sensors, acoustic (Vector, Aquascat, ListABS, UB-SediFlow) and optical (turbidimeter, LIST, TROT) instruments were deployed in the DEXMES laboratory tank.

Three types of sediments were used: Bentonite (silk, D50 = ~10µm), 100µm sand and 200µm sand. They were added in the tank type by type and with growing concentration and in different orders.

The UB-SediFlow showed very good results during these tests. The used emission frequencies ranged between 350 kHz and 4.5 MHz.

The backscattering of sand followed the theory perfectly. And the attenuation of sand could be observed at high frequency for high enough concentrations.

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