An upgraded Peacock UVP with its driver - for easy OEM integration

The Peacock UVP is Ubertone’s OEM acoustic profiler dedicated to environmental monitoring and industrial applications.

Over the past two years, we worked on upgrading some specifications of the Peacock UVP, which we describe here:

  • On request, we can set up the baudrate up to 750kBAUD. Note: this is a factory setting.
  • The Modbus protocol has been improved, being more robust and faster.
  • The profile measuring is now faster (up to 20 profiles per second depending on set parameters).
  • The pitch-roll-temperature measurement for each profile measurement can be enabled or not, allowing for a faster profile measurement.
  • A fast average environment noise measurement for each profile measurement can also be activated. This allows a better post-processing of the echo amplitude data in particular.

A driver library is available on Github. It is a Modbus API written in Python for measurement control of Ubertone's Peacock UVP.

Ubertone can help you in the integration of the board in your project. As an OEM instrument, there is a minimum volume order.

For proof of applicability and performance studies, we propose to buy or rent a UB-Lab P, which needs no software development before achieving measurements.

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