A Peacock UVP sent in deep sea, at 1300m!

The Power and Energy Lab of TUMSAT (Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology), in collaboration with JAMSTEC (Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology) deployed a Peacock UVP from Ubertone in deep sea, at -1300 m!

They presented results of their study at ISUD 2023 in this paper: Investigation of the influence of the background ocean current on flow measurements using the UVP method by S. Ueno and T. Ihara.

The objective is to assess the flow state of hydrothermal jets at hydrothermal deposits situated at sea bed.

Two 3.6MHz pressure-resistant transducers plugged to the Peacock UVP which was controlled by a PC, both installed in a pressure-resistant vessel and deployed to the deep sea. The whole system was controlled remotely from a mother vessel.