• Non-intrusive measurements
  • High spatial and temporal resolution
  • Any kind of fluids (opaque, viscious ...)

Measurement devices adapted to a wide range of applications

Ubertone offers profilers and ultrasonic transducers that meet the needs of engineers and researchers working in the field of fluids. These scientific instruments accurately measure velocity and acoustic turbidity profiles in liquids.

UB-Flow : The high resolution profiler for open channels

Designed to study and to monitor open channel and sewer flows, the UB-Flow is a compact scientific instrument for measurements in harsh environments. Fully integrated in a hydrodynamic enclosure, this ultrasonic velocity profiler is optimized to compensate secondary flow (2 components velocities) ... read more

UB-Flow F156 : The acoustic profiler for sediment monitoring

This profiler is particularly well suited for outdoor measurements or industrial process (rivers, sedimentation tank, reaction or mixing tank, etc.). It provides a wide frequency range (800 kHz to 7.5 MHz), allowing to fit a large range of particle size ... read more

UB-Lab : The versatile UVP

Designed to perform accurate velocity profile measurements on laboratory setup or industrial pipes, the UB-Lab profiler can control a wide variety of external transducers. It is a scientific instrument that can fit many purposes (flow visualisation in opaque liquids, flowmetering in complex geometry, food quality control, concentration measurement, etc.) ... read more

Peacock UVP : The multi-purpose module

Designed for embedded and OEM applications, the Peacock UVP is an Ultrasonic Velocity Profiler (UVP) optimized to be highly reliable, very small (half a credit card), very light and low-power. It can fit to many applications as industrial and environmental monitoring. ... read more

Transducers : High performance ultrasonic probes and accessories

Ubertone offers a large choice of transducers dedicated to velocity and acoustic turbidity profiles measurement. Either through the choice of a standard or a custom transducer, we will guide you in the selection of the one that best meets the specific requirements of your application ... read more

Software : A complete set of tools

Ubertone's profilers come along with an embeded user interface, an online assistant for data processing and communication protocol for low level programming. ... read more

Particles : Ubertone's selection of acoustic tracers for laboratory setups

The choice of the right tracer can be crucial to the successful acquisition of experimental data. Ubertone has selected and characterised polyamide particles which fit perfectly to our devices and transducers. ... read more

Les profileurs et des transducteurs ultrasonores d'Ubertone permettent de mesurer des profils de vitesse et de turbidité acoustique dans les liquides avec une grande précision et une très haute résolution spatiale et temporelle.

Conçu pour l'étude et le suivi des écoulements à surface libre, l'UB-Flow est un instrument robuste et précis. Totalement intégré dans une sonde hydrodynamique et compacte, il permet de compenser les écoulements secondaires.

Le profileur acoustique UB-Flow F156 est particulièrement bien adapté aux mesures en rivière, bassin de décantation, cuve de réaction ou de mélange. Il dispose d'une large gamme de fréquence permettant de s'adapter à une grande variété de taille de particules.

Destiné à effectuer des mesures sur des pilotes de laboratoire ou sur des conduites industrielles, l'UB-Lab est un profileur à ultrasons permettant de piloter une grande variété de transducteurs externes. C'est un instrument scientifique de la famille des UVP (Ultrasonic Velocity Profiler) adaptable à tout type de configuration.

Ubertone propose des transducteurs permettant d'équiper le profileur UB-Lab. Que ce soit pour un transducteur de série ou sur mesure, nous vous guiderons afin de choisir celui qui répondra le mieux aux contraintes de votre application.


  • 超音波測定装置の設計


  • 浮遊粒子からの後方散乱エエ コーの解析
  • 超音波ビーム上での多点測定


  • 組込型ダイナミックWEB (測定セットアップ,リア ルタイムプロット,データ ダウンロード)
  • イーサネットバス経由の通 信プロトコル.電源